Simply addictively useful. Enough said..

  • Customizable via Admin Interface

    Provide traceability to your company, team or organisation - all your snips will have your logo and be timestamped

  • Automated Numbering

    Got some points to make ? Make them properly, clearly and do it all quickly

  • Send Mail

    One button, create file, attach to email ready to send. All done for you - no more saving to a temporary location, finding it and attaching to an email. Opens default mail client app

  • Send to Clipboard

    Fully annotated snip, with your logo, dated placed on the clipboard for easy pasting into your comms app of choice

  • Prefixes

    Increase comprehension and traceability through adding prefixes to annotations. Tie up full meanings to specific items on your snips

  • Sys Admins

    We've not forgotton you. SnipNSend has a decent number of command line switches to operate the way you want including automated purging of aged snips

Just got rid of a headache- I’m now able to take a snip, orderly specify as many reference points as required and upload the file directly to a JIRA ticket, all within seconds. I wish they could build the same for the description part!
It's really great how easily I can take screenshots and send them to my colleagues via email. SnipNSend also has native application integrations that makes your work easier.
SnipNSend helps my online team to clarify mockups during design and also helps testing period for the defects as well. Looking forward for the delivery of roadmap items.

JIRA / Teams / Slack / Outlook / Skype

Get your Snip into any of these platforms and more in seconds

Current online collaboration platforms are mainly nothing more than glorified chat applications. How Slack ever seriously thought their chat application would be the end of email is a real head scratcher. When you're in an online collaboration environment, it is time to SnipNSend™ it.

  • One click copy snip to clipboard
  • Paste into glorified chat platform of choice
  • Reference points as required

Clipboard Monitor

Watching over your clipboard for images to SnipNSend™

Active monitoring of the clipboard for images, making them available inside SnipNSend™ instantly is a game changer

  • A normal PrtScn keyboard operation will place the image ready for you to annotate
  • Copying of an area of an image from Paint will place the image ready for you to annotate
  • Copying an image file (.bmp and .jpg) in Explorer will place the image ready for you


The world is full of average documentation

Any documentation that requires some specific, detailed information to be presented should be clear and unambiguous - can you say that about your docs ?

  • Training Manuals - Specify exactly what you need the reader to know
  • Requirements Documents - Leave nothing open to interpretation
  • Issue Documents - Accompany verbose wording with image specifics
  • Help Desk Tickets - Communicate with reporters clearly & with branding

Native Jira Cloud Integration

In addition to pasting into descriptions, what about attachments ?

JIRA attachments tend to be a more formal, expected-to-be-referenced artefact. SendNSnip allows you to get a snip into an issue as an attachment in 5 seconds

  • One click, then enter the issue reference
  • Choose the attachment name or accept the default
  • Attached to the issue. No saving image, navigating and uploading

Native Outlook Integration

Outlook (and other clients) attachments done quickly

Nobody wants to save an annotated snip to file. Open default email client. Hit Attach, navigate to the saved file and click done. With SnipNSend™ you finish your annotated snip and hit the email button. That's it

  • Outlook full automation - save, attach, create email and display
  • Other clients - one click saves the file, copies the file path to the clipboard for attaching

Team / Company / Program Logo

Traceability is a good thing but has been lacking for years

Depending on your organization and your objectives, the SnipNSend™ custom logo feature in our control panel allows you to specify your own logo at the bottom of all snips

  • License control panel allows logo upload
  • Provides visibility online (if desired) for your organization
  • Provides traceability in terms of the snip's origin

Choose what works best for your company, department, team or project..



Month to month

  • Per user/month
  • Best for projects
  • All updates



Standard annual

  • Per user/month
  • Best for Teams
  • Reduced Price
  • All updates

Educational Licenses

If you represent an educational institution and believe that SnipNSend™ can help your students with all things remote and online comms - please get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page

All you need to do is demonstrate that your organisation is formally recognised by the appropriate educational governing body and we can give you some licenses :-)


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